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INNOVATIVE Tracking Features

Here are several features that make our App worth paying attention to

  • Locate Family

    Locate Family & Friends, Anytime! See a phone's location on an interactive map. Keep track from smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Security

    Manage everyone associated with your group using security settings. Simple to add and remove members. Tracking doesn't mean losing your privacy.

  • On Demand

    On demand location. See where a phone is at any time. Useful for locating lost or stolen phones too.

  • Receive Alerts

    Get alerts by text or email when someone leaves or arrives at a destination. Schedule daily or weekly notifications.

  • Fences

    Create areas on a map that alert you when a device enters or leaves an area. Multiple 'fenced areas' can be created.

  • Multi-Platform

    Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Tablets and Personal Computers. Internet access is required.

Touch the Innovations

Our Apps use the most modern and patented solutions to help make your life more convenient.
PLT offers the best way to track any device. Tracking devices offers different levels of access, so your privacy is ALWAYS protected.

OUR Benefits

  • 4 Levels of Security

    Today privacy is such an important feature. Levels of security enables you to monitor and update members. You are ALWAYS in control of including and removing all members with just the click of a button.

  • Stunning flexibility

    PLT is armed with a number of notification and security settings, so you can easily adapt it according to your tracking requirements. See when your kids get home and go to work.

  • Innovative & Patented Solutions

    PLT is and has been on the cutting-edge of new technology since 2000. On-demand location, text & email alerts, security and multi-platform compatibility.

Why PLT was Created

So, what is the secret to creating a tracking app? It is a labor of love. When my daughter was travelling alone back to college and her car broke-down. There was no way to know where she was. We talked until police showed up but until then not knowing exactly where she was, was unnerving.

Solving a problem was the basis for the creation of PLT and advancements in technology has made this product viable to this day. Modern solutions, interesting elements, and our unique approach to details make this app worth owning. Knowing where your family and friends are, is peace of mind.


Download PLT App

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If you are interested in licensing any of PerDiem’s patents or other intellectual property, or otherwise partnering with PerDiem, please contact Vector IP Law Group.